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Autumn - Pide with Figs, Ricotta & Vincotto

  I am not too sure where Summer went but welcome my favourite season, Autumn.  It brings golden hues, chestnuts, figs and wine making for Papà.  Now 90, he amazes me with his passion, drive and forward thinking.  I asked for a few bunches of shiraz grapes to be set aside for me - the next best thing to being a part of the whole process as we were away in Bright that weekend.  The intention was to dry them and use as part of a cheese board, but this time I decided to make a shiraz reduction which was drizzled over some figs and oven roasted with balsamic vinegar and cinnamon until caramelized.  I had enjoyed something similar many years back at St Katherines, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Melbourne which is now no longer operating.   The caramelized figs were served in a pide with feta and ricotta which I loved so much. So, I searched to see if I could find the recipe, and to my delight  Gourmet Traveller  had featured it in their 2011 edition.    The recipe asks for dried baby Irania

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