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Torta di Nocciole (Hazelnut Cake) & un Bicerin in Turin

  This hazelnut cake known by its Italian name  torta di nocciole, is characteristic of Piedmontese cuisine of the Langhe hills where they grow those highly prized hazelnuts I wrote about  here . This cake is predominantly made of hazelnuts, rendering it rich in flavour and worth sharing with you. While savouring the first piece, it brought back fond distant memories of our visit to Turin, so I thought I would also share a few photos in this post. I also began to crave for a Torinese coffee -  un   bicerin  to be exact, and one that would go really well with a slice of this cake. The iconic bicerin was enjoyed at Caffe` al Bicerin,   a little coffeehouse in Piazza Consolata,  that has been around since 1763.  The  bicerin  is a glass of warm chocolate and coffee topped with whipped  fior di latte  and is what many come here to have.  Yes, I also had to try their grilled chocolate sandwich that came highly recommended.   This little place whose walls are embellished with wooden panel

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