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Crespelle (Crepes) filled with Ricotta & Silverbeet

Special lunch gatherings at my Sicilian in-laws consisted of either a first course of lasagna or cannelloni made with these fluffy soft crespelle (crepes). Infact, I do not ever recall these baked dishes using the more traditional home-made egg pasta I was used to.   This recipe for  crespelle  seemed to me, to be an unusual addition to my mother in-laws regional style of cooking.  Giovanna was introduced to these crepes when relatives from America came to visit and the recipe was shared with her.  She loved the idea so much that it became a family dish, to the point where she even gave these crespelle her very own name - ‘ mani cotte ’ due to scorching her fingers in the process of flipping them.  Lasagna and cannelloni can be quite heavy and filling. For those that prefer an alternative first course to fresh pasta that does not take as long to make, these light crespelle are a wonderful substitute.  You can also double the dose as I have and freeze the remaining crepes for

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