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Gelo di Anguria (Watermelon Pudding)

I've been meaning to make this desert for a very long time but never got around to it.  It was yesterday's extreme heat that made me crave for a refreshing desert other than ice-cream; one that quenches your thirst and sets you off dreaming about Sicilian sunsets. This chilled watermelon pudding  known in Italian as gelo di melone or gelo di anguria or in dialect, gelu du muluni,  is a Sicilian desert from Palermo that carries traces of Arabic flavours through the use of cinnamon, pistachio and cocoa or bitter chocolate topping the watermelon puree. Traditionally, jasmine was left to macerate all night in a cup of water and then mixed through the juice during cooking to add floral tones. I don't own a jasmine plant, so left this ingredient out, however vanilla or even a drop of rosewater would be lovely too.  I first came across gelo di melone from a lovely book I own titled Seasons of Sicily by Natalia Ravida` and share it with you here.  I have modified the recipe slig

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