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Conserva di Pomodoro - Tomato Conserve and more!

The season for making i pomodori (tomato conserve) has arrived and in many Italian families, it is a time when all members -  young, old and extended, roll up their sleeves and assist in the old tradition of preserving tomatoes for the coming year.
Family members from different regions compare recipes and argue about which traditional method of making 'i pomodori'  yields the most and which process is the best way!  I must add that a whole weekend should be put aside and booked well in advance.
My grandparents took on their parents traditions of making tomato conserve, and each region follows a slightly different process. The ingredients remain the same - tomatoes, fresh basil and salt, sometimes garlic or onion is added, but the method/order of processing alters slightly from region to region.
Unfortunately my family stopped making tomato conserve in bulk, and now focus more on making wine, home made sausages and preserving their own olives.  This has meant that with three busy …