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Sicilian Antique Forms for Cotognata

In my previous post Quince-Mela Cotogna I spoke about how to make cotognata and the clay forms that my mother in law would use for moulding the quince paste, adding character to the finished product. These moulds came all the way from Sicily with my in laws when they migrated to Australia.

Similar moulds to these were used in ancient times to give shape and form to the quince paste, which are still made and used in Sicily today.  They have various images such as fish, animals, flowers, landscapes as well as religious decorations probably a Spanish influence as a result of the Spanish occupation in Sicily around 1700.

Autumn Harvest - Quince

"Spending time in nature has a way of nurturing the soul" (Katrina Mayer)

With the arrival of autumn comes the season for making quince paste.  This weekend we set off to Daylesford for a family day out and time to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the culinary delights found at the Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

This was also an opportunity to hand pick and purchase some quince fruit from the many trees scattered on the property to later make my quince paste.

See their website for Festivals & Events throughout the year, based around La Primavera, Lavender Harvest and Autumn Harvest.