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Cotogna & Vino Cotto - A Match Made In Heaven

I could not possibly leave the topic of quinces without one more recipe that uses vino cotto.  Through my research both of these ingredients have varied uses ranging from culinary to medicinal purposes - but that is another topic which I will write about at some later stage.  The combination of the two used in making jam is what I will write about in this post and what a perfect match nature has provided!
La Cotognata according to my father and the way his mother would make it involved using vino cotto (cooked must).  During wine season the cotogne  (quinces) would also be ripening on trees, picked and used in a range of dishes.  My grandmother would poach pieces of quince in the vino cotto,  adding  flavour as well as sweetening the fruit.    In ancient times quince would also be cooked with honey.
I found a recipe using the process of making quince jam with the addition of vino cotto  at the end of the cooking process - follow my  Quince - Mela Cotogna recipe and just add a cup of vin…

Crostata di Cotogna (Quince Tart)

I held onto the last few quinces that weren't quite ripe for a rainy day, and such is it today.  The sweet aroma of the quinces in my kitchen told me that they were ripe and ready for my next recipe - Quince Tart.
What makes a good tart is nailing the pastry as well as having a filling that compliments the richness of the base. I encouraged my youngest daughter to assist me in making the tart. She was given  full reigns in making the base following the Artusi recipe I wrote about in my previous post -Crostata di Prugna (Plum Tart) while I set off stewing some quinces for the filling and slicing and roasting the rest for the topping.
My only instructions for her were.... put love into it and you will be guaranteed a great base!  With much tribulation and may I add lots of LOVE, she managed to pull off a great base for her first ever attempt.
The filling once stewed was cooked down to a jam consistency as per recipe found in Quince-Mela Cotogna.  The jam is poured into the baked base a…