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Lemon & Polenta Tea Cakes

My Grandparents as others baked with polenta (corn meal), as this was one of the bi-products of their land and quite simply what was readily available to everyone.  Who would have known then that they were eating what we call today a gluten free diet!  
Cakes were very dense and heavy, but as my father recounts "...when there was hunger everything tasted great."  Now-a-days we substitute flour with almond meal, but I have never made cakes with polenta.
I came across a recipe that needed to be  modified several times as I wasn't happy with the consistency and heaviness of what should have been 'light cakes'.  I reduced the amount of polenta and increased the almond meal. 

For those who are wheat and lactose intolerant, these are a delicious little treat with a cup of tea.

90gr almond meal 50gr polenta (super fine) 40gr corn flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 100gr castor sugar (super fine) 3 eggs 1/2 cup olive oil ( I found this to be too heavy, and recommend you su…