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Taralli con Finocchio (Savoury Fennel Biscuits)

These savoury fennel biscuits are a traditional favourite in every Italian family. There is a variation of these biscuits that uses aniseed liqueur (anice) and the aniseed seeds and call them 'Ossa di Morti' (Uosse demort') which translates as dead man's bones. Not very appetizing when you label them that way!  We call these biscuits Taralli con Finocchio.  
Traditionally these biscuits were made with lard but more recently that ingredient has been substituted with olive oil, which is far more flavoursome and healthier.  My mother has always used her own way of measuring - (all'occhio) not exact quantities, hence these biscuits have always turned out differently when she makes them.  Regardless... her grandchildren prefer Nonna's biscuits.   I was determined to make them and document this recipe that has been passed down from my Nonna. 

Taralli con Finocchio
500 g plain flour 3 eggs  1/2 cup olive oil 1/4 cup water (if needed) 2 tbsp fennel seeds 1 - 2 tbsp…