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'Vino Vinello, Rosso e Bello'

Acerenza (Photo courtesy: Vincenzo Mazzaro)
In the far valley of this historic town calledAcerenza, you will find vineyards that produce the famous local wineAglianico DOC.  This agricultural town is situated northeast ofPotenzaand offers a magnificant landscape that is dominated by vineyards and many medieval historic buildings.  It is here where my father and his passion for wine making was born. 
Le Cantine, via delle Cantine are ancient caves where wine produced by the locals was stored.  My grandfather -Nonno Vincenzo owned land and a vineyard near la Cappella di Pompei andla Grotta di San Michele,as well as stored his wine in one of thesecantine.  He cultivated the vineyard and worked in his saddlery store where he made saddles for the locals. The store was in Via Giacinto Albini nearLaCaserma dei Carabinieri.  He employed a shoe maker who would make the shoes on the premises and my father at a young age would sell these shoes in nearby towns. He also supplied the locals with leat…