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Torta di Mela e Cotogna (Apple & Quince Cake)

I have been reading through my mother's little recipe book that I wrote about in my last post (click here) and found an apple cake that also uses Lievito Vaniglinato Bertolini, of which I have substituted with LievitoPane degli Angeli. This cake resembles a tart, but the base is somewhat of a dense cake consistency. The recipe requires apples only, however I have chosen to spread a layer of quince jam before assembling the thin slices of apple.  The recipe for quince jam, can be found here Quince- Mela Cotogna

350g flour
150g sugar 1 sachet Lievito Vaniglinato Bertolini or Lievito Pane degli Angeli (vanilla raising agent 16g in weight) 75g butter 1/2 cup milk 1 egg 1 grated lemon rind  Quince jam (or jam of choice) 2 apples (I used pink lady) Icing sugar for dusting

This cake is very simple to make.  In a mixing bowl add all ingredients and mix well until combined. The cake dough will be dense and less buttery.  It will be easy to handle, so rather than rolling it out, you just p…

Pan Di Spagna & Childhood Memories

Mother’s Day is often celebrated with happiness or sadness, depending on whether you have your mother close by or not.  Despite this, one always remembers the wonderful times spent with her sharing simple moments like baking a cake together. Growing up in an Italian family has always meant assisting in the kitchen observing my mother, while happily wearing my hand made apron she had made for me.

Mums favourite little cooking book which she has been using since I was a child appeared before me the day I visited and found her baking  the fail proof cake  she simply calls Torta con L’uva, similar to a pound cake but with grated orange rind and sultanas.  This now fragile booklet has brought back childhood memories of when I would help her bake this cake - one of the few cake recipes found amongst a rhyming story in Italian about a little girl who sets off to bake a cake.  I remember being drawn by the rhyme and beautiful images presented. My focus was always on reciting this story than ac…