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Salsicce e Salame and a Capocollo too!

The season for making salsicce (sausages) and drying them to get a years supply of salame (salami) has arrived with the brisk cold weather that is required for the drying process. Out come the tools that only see the light of day once a year passed down from our parents along with their recipes.  The grinder is not the manual operated one that our parents once used in the 60's, but the motor operated one that they upgraded to in order to speed up the process.
In Italy, pane e salame (bread and salami) is a metaphore for simple, genuine, good food. Besides being an essential part of traditional appetizer plates, such as antipasto misto (a mixed meat antipasto), salame is most often enjoyed simply with bread and of course a glass of good red wine.

Nothing is more comforting in winter than roasting some freshly made sausages in the oven with potatoes or slicing bite size pieces, pan roasting, and serving with a glass of wine.  Using some freshly made sausage when making a pot of sugo (…