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Hunter's Rabbit (coniglio alla cacciatore) & Rabbit Ragu` (ragu di coniglio)

This post is dedicated to all the hunters including my father in law, who I unfortunately didn't get to meet as he passed away long before I joined the family.  This photo shows a gentle family man who had a passion for the outdoors and loved to go 'a caccia' (hunting) for rabbits, hares and quails. He migrated from Sicily to Melbourne in the 1950's and along with his brother, friend and Pasqualino the dog, would spend his limited pass time 'hunting and gathering', all of which was then brought home to cook and feed the family. This photo, I have been told was taken at a location kept secret; but like many Italians, day trips to farms in surrounding areas were the places to be. 

There have been many funny stories told about growing up in an Italian family in Australia, which at the time may not have been so humorous, but now we look back and laugh. One particular story now fondly told was when my father in law returned home with rabbits that hadn't yet been …