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Limoncello & Torta di Mele

The lemon tree  in my parents garden yields an abundance of citrus fruit each year and is now over 50 years old.  Like all Italian families, no garden is without a lemon tree but this is not just your average lemon tree.  30 years ago, papa` decided that a meyer lemon tree, which at the time was well established and already 20 years old was not good enough. The tree needed lisborn or genoa lemons growing on it, those typically used in  Italian cooking.   This tree has since been grafted with lisborn lemons, oranges and two varieties of mandarins...truly a citrus glory.

The meyer varieties even though not papa`'s favourite, have never gone to waste and are used in mamma's cakes or turned into granita or lemonade.  
This year my father decided to make limoncello for the first time using the meyer lemons. This recipe is not ready to be shared as yet as it has been scribbled on a piece of paper by papa`- half in English, half in Italian and with little indication of exact quantities…