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Persimmon, Orange & Coconut Milk Ice-cream

We are finally beginning to see the end of the warmer months in the southern hemisphere, but many would agree that ice-cream can still be enjoyed any time of the year wherever you are.  I could not see the closure of the cachi (persimmon) season without a post on ice-cream. 

As mentioned in my previous post, my parents have a beautiful persimmon tree that yields the Fuyu variety which can be eaten like an apple.  Being the end of the season, they have all been picked and we now find ourselves with an over ripe quantity resorting to freezing some. These are destined to be used in smoothies, cakes or even eaten with yogurt for breakfast.

This fruit works really well turned into sorbets as well as ice-creams, so I took the time to recipe test an ice-cream with a few other ingredients that compliment each other really well. The persimmon is naturally very sweet and needs a few partners to add a little tang and creaminess without taking away the lime light from this exotic fruit. The beauty …

Torta di Cachi e Noci (Persimmon & Walnut Cake)

We have had a bountiful season of cachi (persimmons) this year, as every other year.  My parents persimmon tree yields a beautiful vanilla variety, the non-astringent with hard flesh that can be eaten like an apple, known as the Fuyu. Every season begins with much excitement and many bags are given to family and friends.  Even so, we still manage to freeze a few when they become too ripe. When soft, they are great in smoothies, making sorbet, ice-cream and of course baking with.  I however have never baked with them, always preferring to eat them as a fruit paired off with walnuts or sliced with oranges to counterbalance their sweetness.  

What prompted me to photograph these persimmons and make this cake was seeing the very talented Sarah Schembri through her instagram account displaying some persimmons on a very very beautiful plate she had just made. I must confess that the desire to own the plate came well before that of wanting to make a rustic persimmon cake...such is my weakness…