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Eggs in Tomato & Capsicum Sauce

Mamma would often make this dish towards the end of the week when ingredients were running low in the kitchen before the next shopping run.  It also made a lovely quick weekend brunch or lunch that was easy enough for us to make without the help from mamma.  Making do with what you have to transform humble ingredients into memorable tasty dishes resonates with my idea of cooking.  Italians call it 'cucina povera', an Italian phrase that means  humble or peasant cooking.  My grandparents lived by it and over time, my parents have resorted back to it.

A 'trans-seasonal dish' that changes slightly with the swapping of herbs - basil during summer to parsley during the winter months,  is sure to be an all year round pleaser.  One can just imagine nonna going through her kitchen and finding her bottled home made tomato passata, or freshly picked tomatoes from her garden, fresh eggs from her chickens, some stale country bread and creating this tasty dish.  Simple poached eggs …

Lemon & Rosemary Syrup Cake @ Marge's Cottage and a visit to Prom Country Cheese

There is something about the country that calls for respect, whether it be for the land, the food that it yields or simply for the people that work hard to provide us with natures gifts.  Three days spent in the green valleys of south Gippsland is all it took to bring back some balance and a sense of gratitude. 
IG has introduced me to some wonderfully talented and generous people who find the time to share what they love to do.  It was through social media that I came to know about Marge's Cottage.  Cheryl and Phil have worked hard at restoring this beautiful and well thought through B&B nestled amongst green undulating fields not too far from Tamsin's Table, which ison my next 'things to do' list.  
We booked ourselves in for a three day weekend and were warmly welcomed in every possible way which made our stay even more special.  Cheryl baked us a delicious Lemon & Rosemary Syrup cake and left us a lovely note beside it. The fridge was filled with seasonal bre…