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Cucina Conversations - What's in a name? La Cicerata

What's in a name? That which we call la cicerata. By any other name would smell (and taste) as sweet… 
This line in part borrowed from William Shakespeare’s famous written words is, in fact, quite appropriate.  But am I being too philosophical in my introduction to this sweet that is known by many other names depending on which region of Italy you are from? Perhaps, but a sweet that by any name and in whichever region, is loved for what it is; a simple sweet that is made for the Christmas table to be shared.

This month’s Cucina Conversationsposts will be dedicated to the festive season – recipes ideal for gift giving or to share as part of your Christmas feast.  Francesca will be making canederli, a regional dish inspired by her recent trip to the north of Italy, Bolzano; Rosemarie will make her delicious croccante known to be a jaw breaker but very addictive. Two of my favourite biscuits are being baked - Daniela is making Siena's almond ricciarelliwhich date bake to the 14th c…