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Cucina Conversations: Agata's Scacce con le Mulinciane (Sicilian Pies with Eggplants)

We commence our Cucina Conversations new year with a topic that we all heed to at some point in time, and that is 'comfort food'. Whether it be a way of fulfilling a food desire and therefore satisfying a craving, or having an amazing ability to echo a connection with time, comfort food without a doubt generates contentment.  Preparing a comfort food that elicits a memory from our past is what Marcel Proust called a 'Proustian moment'; the journey of memory on which we go on and through that journey the resurrection of memories of those who cared for us in the past. These are dishes that we remember our mothers and grandmothers preparing - good food served at their tables that convey their love for us.Memories of when we knew beyond question that someone cared for us through the act of placing food in front of us and saying mangia!mangia! (eat!) 

This month we will put forward a dish that typifies comfort food - Francesca will cook a well loved Roman pasta dish called c…

Marmellata e Crostatine di Albicocche (Apricot Jam & Tartlettes)

It has been two days since we have returned from a very relaxing and memorable trip to beautiful Sanur, Bali.  Sanur and Ubud are two great places to visit providing a friendly cultural and culinary experience.  We met so many lovely locals who showed us around and gave us so much of their time, knowledge and most of all their warmth.  We left feeling enriched, relaxed and at peace.  Sanur became a geographical point for me and one of my blogging friends Daniela (aka @la_danigourmet) to finally meet and  get to know a bit more about each other. I could not have asked for a better way to end our stay in this small paradise.
I am certain Daniela will be sharing her culinary experiences on her return, so make sure you follow her gourmet travels here.  Although I enjoyed exploring a very different cuisine and eating out every day, I realized how much I missed cooking at home. It appears I also missed the picking of my parents apricots which occurs during the first two weeks of January.  I …

Zucchini Blossoms - Baked Mini Frittate

Happy New Year!  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017.

I trust we are still recovering from all the festivities and indulgences that come with this time of year. Cooking and food is probably the last thing on our minds right now, but being summer here in Australia, most of us are looking forward to some down time with easy healthy summer meals to tuck into and what better way than with seasonal zucchini blossoms. My new year begins with a haul of summer produce from my parents garden that has flourished with this crazy Melbourne climate.  For those who live or just recently visited this beautiful city have experienced the dramatic weather changes, which have included torrential rain and somewhat balmy weather conditions - perfect for the garden. As my vegetable patch is quite small, so I limit it to a range of herbs, with only a few seasonal vegetables.  My cherry tomatoes are growing and the capsicum plants are getting taller by the day.  My parents on the other hand plant a large…