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Cucina Conversations: Noto & a Sicilian Inspired Breakfast

It is stated that nowhere else in Italy can claim the rich and varied history that Sicily and its neighbouring islands have endured. They were invaded by such powerful civilizations as the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French and Spanish, all of whom have left their lasting mark on Sicilian dishes making this regions food diverse and exciting.  I had high expectations of this region and with every town we travelled through, it didn’t fail to impress.  This is the last of my series on our travels to Sicily, which links back to Part I: Modica & Scacce Ragusane, as well as Part II: Siracusa, Ortigia & Palazzolo Acreide; sharing photos, a short list of favourite places we visited including some popular eateries. 

Here is my contribution to our quarterly edition for Cucina Conversations whose theme is ‘travel and food’; so I conclude our journey through Sicily with beautiful Noto and a recipe for a Sicilian inspired breakfast that includes - granita alla mandorla served with brioscia (alm…