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Strascinati with Broccolini & Peperoni Cruschi (Crispy Peppers)

Durum wheat is an important crop in the Basilicata region of Italy.  Better known as semolina, this coarse-ground durum wheat with its characteristic amber colour and coarser texture, has a higher protein content than soft varieties of wheat. Used to make their famous bread – pane di Matera and Altamura, it allows the production of necessary gluten to attain the characteristic texture in this regions bread. It is also highly favoured in the use of pasta making in the south of Italy when eggs are not used.  
History documents that Basilicata was the first region in Italy where pasta was recorded and there are over 10 kinds of typical fresh pasta produced here, each one unique in the way it is formed. The most well-known due Basilicata’s geographical position bordering Puglia are orecchiette aka recchietelle in the Lucanian dialect, and tapparelle a larger version of the afore mentioned.   The other well-known pasta types are lagane – a short and wide type of tagliatelle typically served…