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Recollections & Castagnole di Carnevale

Reconnecting with my extended family in Italy and documenting old photos along with their untold stories, and of course their related traditional recipes will be high on the agenda for 2015.  I don't have many photos of my years spent in Italy, but this one would have to be my favourite of my sister and I, taken in my birth town - Domodossola.  Every significant memory remains very dear to me and it has given me a longing to share its beauty and local cuisine. 
Social media has prompted me to touch base with my relatives in Italy and share our interests. One cousin in particular who lives in the north of Italy near Venice has been very kind to send me his beautiful photographs taken on his return visits to particular regions of Italy.One of those regions includes Piemonte and the city of Domodossola, where I was born and lived for 3 years before our family moved to the south of Italy. This is where my cousin Vincenzo and his family also lived for a period of time before settling in…