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Cucina Conversations: Verjuice & Salsa Agresto

The arrival  of Autumn is filled with meaning in many cultures. In Italy it is associated largely with LaVendemmia- the grape harvest.   This autumnal activity has played a big part in my family - my paternal grandfather was, and my father still is a self taught wine maker, who has been making his own wine for over 40 years.  I have recounted his story and passion for wine in a previous post: 'Vino Vinello, Rosso e Bello'.My grandmothers used wine in their every day cooking as it was readily accessible, and so does my mother in creating some of our most delicious regional meals and sweets. 
Here in Australia it is Spring, far from harvesting time. Despite this, the different hemispheres do not stop us from gaining access to and cooking with the by-products of grapes, such as Vin Cotto which I previously posted on; nor this re-surged, un-ripened grape juice called Verjuice,also known asAgrestoin Italian.    For me living in the Southern Hemisphere and entering Spring feels like …