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Cucina Conversations: Savoiardi (Sponge Fingers)

Food is an important part of the Italian culture, so enjoying a meal with family and friends would have to be the main ingredient of any Italian dish.  Memories are created each day we gather around a table or on special occasions and intertwine with the flavours and aromas of dishes cooked which continue to linger on in our minds.  There are many dishes that remind me of meals shared with my grandparents and family especially those associated with religious festivities.  Another pillar of the Italian food culture is regional diversity, and with every dish, simple or complex, we can trace its roots to the past and traditions of that particular region.  So with these thoughts in mind, this month the bloggers of Cucina Conversations will focus on the gastronomical traditions of a special event that we are nearing on the Christian calendar known as Ognissanti (All Saints' Day).  Remembering saints and martyrs and dedicating a specific day to them each year has been a Christian tradit…

Italian Street Food & Fritole (Sweet Apple Fritters)

I finally got around to making these delicious fritole (sweet apple fritters) that I learnt from one of Paola Bacchia's cooking classes attended last August.  Paola known by many through her beautiful blog and Instagram account  Italy On My Mindruns many cooking classes throughout the year based around learning to make fresh pasta, gnocchi and sweets she learnt from her mamma Livia. In the company of 5 other participants, we enjoyed a fun session learning the art of making Livia'sstudel di mele (apple strudel), along with these fritole and a few other delights served with a glass of Prosecco or two.    The moment we entered the door the smell of espresso led us in, and a plate of freshly baked ravioli bolognesi (sweet pastry raviolifilled with jam) awaited us. Throughout the session Paola not only demonstrated her recipes and assisted us along the way, but also baked us a focaccia barese for lunch and shared this recipe too.  These cooking classes are fun and hands on and I re…