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Cucina Conversations: Marmellata di Mandarini (Mandarin Marmalade)

A citrus fruit salad tree growing two varieties of lemons - meyer and eureka; juicy navel oranges and nova mandarins all on the one tree. It's quite a treat to own such a tree and many childhood sunny days were spent beneath its shady canopy smelling the sweet scented blossoms and enjoying its fruits. Papa` grafted this tree over 30 years ago and not only is it spectacular in full bloom, it is also lovely knowing we have an endless supply of various citruses ripening over the winter period.  But it’s the additional younger mandarin tree planted beside it that has been the last of the fruit trees for the season to bestow its harvest well into spring.  

The generous citrus yield this year has been literally hanging on, waiting patiently for my spare time to tend to its preservation.  I've made jam, marmalade as well as candied thin slices so I can use them in my upcoming Christmas sweets. Nothing goes to waste; even the thin organic skin of the mandarins have been sliced finely a…

Crostata di Ricotta e Mandarini (Ricotta & Mandarin Tart)

Lately I have been totally consumed with my work commitments and any spare time I have managed to find I have tried to spend in the garden enjoying our spring weather and in the kitchen doing what I love.  I have been preserving some of those beautiful winter mandarins from my parent’s garden and making marmalade. The recipe to this preserve will be shared as part of this month’s Cucina Conversations round table, so stay tuned for the end of this month where we will discuss preserving our season’s fare and put forward various recipes.
So apart from lavishly spreading this mandarin marmalade on my sourdough for breakfast, I decided to use some of it in this ricotta tart whose recipe I came across in Delicious Magazine.  It's a crostata (tart) that sings out Sicily in all its glory with the use of ricotta, citrus fruit and pine nuts. I substituted the orange marmalade they suggested with my mandarin & vin cotto marmalade , adding a sweeter more caramelized note. You can definitel…