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Basilicata - Polpette di Fave & Cicorie (Broad bean & Chicory Patties)

Our visit to the Basilicata region of Italy was just as important for my parents as it was for my family and I. Hearing papa` say "non voglio dimenticare" (I don’t want to forget), brought forward the sad realisation that with age this is most often inevitable. I am thankful though that at 88 years of age he still remembers a lot.
I grew up hearing many stories told by him of his childhood in Acerenza, where my paternal grandparents raised a family of 8 children, worked the land and ran a general store.They then moved to the nearby larger capital city - Potenza where papa` and his siblings began their own lives and settled.Papa` and his eldest brother later moved up to the north in Domodossola, my birth town for work reasons where commuting to and from Germany and Switzerland became necessary to support his young family.The desire to migrate to a faraway country that promised a better future is what we now call home.
As a teenager hearing these recounts didn’t mean so much…