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Torta Rustica (Rustic Savoury Pie)

Torta rustica, whose name derives from the tortiera or cake tin in which it is baked in, literally means 'rustic pie’ in Italian.  Rustica, because of the myriad of ways it can be easily filled. The choice of filling is based on preference and what you have in your fridge.  It can be filled with sausage, tomatoes and cheese like a pizza, or with eggs, cheese, cured meats and vegetables as this one. This versatile torta rustica is both a seasonal staple and perfect make ahead dish that can in fact act as an appetizer or feature as the main dish.  The outer olive oil pastry makes it the perfect casing for a portable picnic lunch. With boundless recipes and fillings, this savory rustic pie was initially intended as a thrifty way to clean out our fridges by adding bits of leftover vegetables to a mix of cheese, cured meats and an egg or two to bind it all together in a pastry shell.
With an abundance of bietola (chard) growing in my parent’s garden, and nearing the end of season befor…