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Lamb Sausage Rolls & being Australian through the eyes of an Italian child

Australia Day is associated with all things 'Aussie' and a time to show our great sense of gratitude and pride.  Our multicultural society has evolved over time through the sharing of food and customs, but there are still a few things that remain very Australian. Along with the meat pie, the humble sausage roll has been served up at school tuck shops, birthday parties, sporting events, and even on Australia Day.  

I first ate a sausage roll at the age of 7, two years after migrating to Australia. During school holidays  my mother had to work, so she would often come home for lunch as she worked in close proximity to home.  She would bring us a sausage roll each that had been purchased from the cafeteria.  At the time it was a comforting thought that I too was more Australian, even though at school my lunches were always very Italian. 

Like many migrants, the experience of leaving ones birth country to settle into another unknown land can be overwhelming.  That sense of identity …

Venice & Mussels - Gondole of the Sea

I call mussels the 'gondole of the sea' because of their shape and pearly black shell. I ate them in Venice and more recently brought 5kg back from Portarlington, Victoria and shared them around.  I must say I have had a feast on these juicy, sweet molluscs. One way to enjoy them is as an entre` - Gratin of Mussels or in Italian, known as Cozze Gratinate.
Memories of Venice immediately filled my mind and prompted me to write this post and share a few photos...

My return trip to Venice after more than 20 years has given me the opportunity to explore its beauty and indulge in some seafood. I spent a few days with my relatives reconnecting and reminiscing during which time I was also accompanied to Domodossola for the weekend by my cousin, and then returned back to Venice.  I had 3 days to trace my steps knowing that it was not enough time to do everything. Renting an airbnb apartment in Cannaregio, the northernmost of the six historic districts of the city and near the western end…

Antica Pizzicheria & Siena - Part II

I have finally managed to sit down after the Christmas festivities and write Part II of my visit to Siena.  A quick day trip by bus to Siena which is on the outskirts of Florence is well worth adding to your itinerary and I would definitely return as there is so much to explore.  Panforte & Siena is Part I of my travels and can be found here.

Siena is a beautiful city in Italy's central Tuscany. Some of its distinguished features are the medieval brick buildings, the fan-shaped Piazza del Campo that is dominated by the Palazzo Pubblico; the Gothic town hall and Torre del Mangia. The very high tower owes its name to Giovanni di Balduccio, who was its first owner. He was nick named 'il mangiaguadagni' (money eater)as he would often squander his earnings on the pleasure of food.  
We took the bus from Florence directly to Siena and spent a day walking through the historic centre, the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption, in and out of bottege (stores) and of course eateri…